Bulk Purchase

About MIKIENT Bulk Purchase

All your corporate, special occasion purchases can be easily made here. You’re guaranteed the best deals from over 150,000 products, all at discounted prices
if you bulk purchase. We offer flexible payment options (including pay on delivery!) making it even easier to order your business or company the products they
need. Costs aren’t a problem, with the lowest shipping rates in Nigeria, you’ll be saving more than you can imagine. Plus, with free returns, on the off chance
that you aren’t satisfied with your goods, you won’t have to spend a penny more than needed. So take advantage of our discount prices and order what you’ve
always needed to order! Whether it’s shoes, small appliances or computers and accessories, we have it all, at the lowest prices in Nigeria!

Bulk purchase enables you reduce overhead cost for your company. Buying in bulk reduces the cost per unit and can reduce how much you pay in the long run on supplies and products. This automatically results in high profit margin which is essential for every business to be successful. You also get to enjoy cost control and flexibility which are the high points of bulk purchase.On mikient.com you are guaranteed great discounts from over 150,000 products ranging from electronics, home and kitchen appliances, office equipment, computers and accessories, fashion and lots more. Enjoy great value for your money in exchange for more quantity of high quality items. Our payment options are flexible, including pay on delivery making it easier to place orders for products for your company or business. Save more than you can imagine with the lowest shipping rates in Nigeria, with free returns on the odds of not being satisfied with your order. Hurry now, make order for your corporate and special occasion and take advantage of the best discounted prices from all categories.


  • Access to Bulk discounts
  • Highest level of support/Dedicated account manager
  • Fast Shipping Nationwide
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Exclusive offers (Employee incentive solutions, Rewards solutions)
  • Effective "Return" policy
  • Access to Express delivery options
  • Largest assortment of products in Nigeria with over 150,000 products

Corporate Services

  • Total end-to-end procurement solution - Jumia is your one-stop-shop for all your procurement needs for all your office supplies
  • Special vouchers for your employees & clients - Let your clients or employees choose the gift of their dreams with our customized gift cards or electronic vouchers
  • Celebration & Gifts - JUMIA is the ideal supplier for all your gifts and celebrations. You will find a great choice of nice bags, hampers, customized items and a lot more !